Sat: 9a-6p
Sun: 9a-5p

The NY Fall Hunting & Ice Fishing Show
Get products and services right BEFORE the season!
The Oncenter, Syracuse, NY
September 19-20, 2015
Saturday 9a-6p
Sunday 9a-5p
A big Hunting & Ice Fishing show......right before the season!

Two years ago we're standing at an outdoor show and a vendor recognizes us.  He strolls over to us and says "why doesn't anyone do a big outdoors show in the fall, right before the season?"  I said "I don't know."  I told him I'd look around and see what I found out and get back to him.  I return to the office and begin researching why outdoor shows are after the season as opposed to other types of shows that take place right before the season.  We own and operate the local Golf Show and we'd never consider doing the show after the season.  

I called other promoters and people I respect in the business and asked "why do outdoor shows take place in the winter, after hunting season and during Ice Fishing season."  The general answer I was getting was "to take advantage of cabin fever in the winter."  I then looked at outdoor shows and where they are located and when they take place.  I noticed that in the South these shows take place in the summer.  As referenced here outdoors shows in the Northeast take place in the winter months.  After doing this initial research we began talking to potential vendors.

We spoke to many, many vendors at the biggest show in the country.  If we saw a vendor wasn't busy we said "what do you think of a show taking place in the fall, right before hunting season and well before Ice Fishing season.  One vendor told us that his product is not as effective in October or November after it sat on a shelf for 6 months.  He told us on the spot he is in our show.  I recently took a call from a tree stand manufacturer.  He stated that people were reluctant to purchase a new tree stand from him in January or February as they wouldn't be using it until fall.  It appears to us a Fall Outdoor show may be a good idea for everyone involved.  I then turned my attention to ice fishing. 

I called a local bait and tackle shop and asked his opinion about a show in the fall.  He said that by the time the winter shows
come around he is out if ice fishing gear.  His ice shanties are gone as ice fishermen and women are using them.  Go to any sporting goods store in the winter and try buying an ice shanty.  The bait and tackle shop owner is now in this show.

My final piece of research involved calling the experts.  I called the NY State Conservation Council.  They are the voice of the outdoorsmen and women in New York state.  I had a conversation about my research with the President of the organization.  I told him about our thinking:  why not put an outdoorsmen's show in the fall, right in front of the season. He pondered the logic and even began thinking about our logic.  He concluded that our idea was sound and he even talked to his organization about moving their annual convention into the show.  On September 19-21, 2015 the NY State Conservation Council will hold their annual convention in conjunction with the 2015 Syracuse Fall Hunting & Ice Fishing Show.  

As I stated above we own the local golf show in town.  We always put it right before the season and our attendees are raring to go.  They buy the latest golf club or golf accessory because in a matter of weeks they'll be able to use them.  They also haven't golfed in months and they are craving golf.  Our aim is to create the same atmosphere in the hunting and ice fishing circles.  They haven't hunted or ice fished in months.  We're going to give them an opportunity to scratch that nagging itch along with thousands of their fellow outdoorsmen and women.  Join us and sell your products or services to an audience that is ready and willing to buy them!